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Who Started The Food Patrons? - THM Gießen

We are The Food Patrons – six students at the THM Gießen with different backgrounds, nationalities and interests.
But we have one thing in common: We are all pretty new to the whole food waste topic.
Food waste has been an issue for a long time now, even though you can easily try to reduce it
and therefore we want to learn more about it.
As a part of our Master Programme International Marketing at the THM Gießen, we will take you with us on our journey of educating ourselves about the topic of food waste and how we can fight it together! Because everyone has to start somewhere, right?

We are The Food Patrons & THM Gießen Students ...

Here you can see the Food Patron Celin, who studies at the THM Gießen.


I am a curious person and always want to know the story behind things. Since I sadly do not know a lot about food waste when starting this blog, I can’t wait to learn more about this issue and share this learning journey with all of you. I absolutely love all kinds of fruit and healthy meals, but unfortunately I am the lazy one in our group when it comes to standing in the kitchen. Therefore, a pizza is always welcome on my plate as well.

I like for things to be convenient and not too time consuming. That also includes ways of battling food waste – I’m most motivated when it’s fun to do! When I go shopping I’m often afraid I won’t be able to eat bigger or “more special” vegetables on time so even though I have been thinking of getting a whole red cabbage, I won’t buy it after all…
Through learning more about food waste and how to deal with it, I hope to change that!

Here you can see our member Linda.


Here you can see the Food Patron Annika, who studies at the THM Gießen.


I’m always on the lookout for yummies. I would never refuse food, which is why there is never even a mini little tiny crumb left on my plate, even when I have already entered food coma. Which of course often happens to me since I tend to buy everything in the supermarket.

Within our group I’m the one having a sweet tooth. I always try to eat more healthy food, but end up craving chocolate anyway. So sweets are definitely my kryptonite! Apart from that, food leftovers were never a big issue at my home since my six chickens are always happy about every nibble they get.

Here you can see our member Ronja, who fights food waste.


Here you can see the Food Patron Orianne, who fights food waste and studies at the THM Gießen.


I am addicted to eating. Any idea of a better feeling than consuming yummy food? Well, if you ask me, I barely know any. Truly, I do not buy a lot of food and beverage. However, when it comes to eating, I devour all dishes and portions completely until nothing is left over. My nickname? The small glutton!

I am poor enough so I prefer to use the food I have to the maximum. Just kidding 😉 In fact, from my very childhood I was taught to respect our world around us and not be toxic to it. This also applies to food, and it is important for me to convey this point of view to those around me. So here I am.

Here you can see our member Ilia.


Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or new exciting input regarding food waste.

We can't wait to get to know you!