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Apps Against Food Waste

Nowadays, we have an app for almost every situation in life. Of course, there are also apps that deal with the topic of food waste – and not just one! If you research on the Internet or search in the app store, there are numerous apps that can support us in the fight against food waste. In order to give you an overview about the different food waste apps, we selected interisting ones and tested them for you.

In the past, we have already introduced you to the apps Too Good To Go and Hellofresh. So feel free to check out the blog posts if you’re interested in our research and experience on these.

Sharing Food With Your Neighbours Via Olio

Olio is a free sharing app that connects neighbours with each other. Do you for example have some Lasagne left over? Then go ahead and share it with your neighbours via the app. The process is quite simple. If you want to give food away, you upload a picture and set the pickup location. You will receive a notification when someone is requesting your leftovers so that you can decide whether or not you want to give your Lasagne to that person. It’s as easy the other way around. 

Screenshot of the app Olio.

Since we think that the stories behind ideas like these are very inspiring, we also want to share a short version of Olio’s story with you. Tessa Clarke, one of two co-founders of the app, had the idea for Olio at the end of 2014. She moved out of her apartment in Switzerland, had some food left in her old apartment that she was about to move out of and wanted to give it to someone rather than throwing it away. But she did not find anyone to give it to. That is when she got the idea for an app that connects neighbours enabling them to share food. Finally, the app was launched in July of 2015 in London. Today, food has been shared in 59 countries with the help of Olio and nearly 18 million portions of food have been shared so far.

What do we think about the app?

We think the idea is so easy and yet so brilliant. The only hurdle we had when testing the app was that there were no other people in our neighbourhood using the app. We only found some shared food in bigger cities like Frankfurt am Main, Germany. But someone has to start, right? So if you are interested in trying it out, we can only encourage you to do it.

Apps For Food Tracking

You want to avoid forgetting about a yoghurt in your fridge? Or some cereal in the back of your pantry? There are several apps out there that support you in managing and keeping track of the food you have at home. The following apps all offer the possibility to scan the barcode of a product and they notify you before a product is about to expire. Here are some suggestions from our side:  

  • Best Before – Food Tracker: This one was our favorite since you can also include a shopping list in the app. That way you have everything in one place. It is only available in the Google Play Store.
  • Beep: Easy to use. The barcode scanning function is the main feature of the app. 
  • Reeking: Also very intuitive and categorizes your products automatically into “expired”, “almost expired” and “fresh”. 

Finding Leftover Recipes To Avoid Food Waste

It often happens to us that we have certain products left at home and we do not know how to combine them for a meal. Luckily, there are apps out there that give us fantastic ideas about how to cook them. One that we liked a lot was Eat Smarter.

The app does not only offer inspiring recipes but you can also search for recipes that include certain products. Additionally, you can choose which products to exclude. For example milk if you don’t have any at home at the moment. Also you can choose how much time you want to spend cooking or if you follow a special diet. The app then shows you some recipes that you can cook with the products you have at home already.

Screenshot of the app Eat Smarter

If you find a yummy recipe that you want to try out next time, you can directly add it to your shopping list which is integrated in the app. This way, you avoid buying things at the store that you already have at home. 

Another app against food waste with similar functions is Magic Fridge. If you want to try out something else with less in-app advertisements. 

Is There An App For Composting?

Yes, of course there is. We found a great app called Share Waste. If you have a compost at home, you can receive scraps through the app. If you have scraps at home you can find someone in your area who has a compost. This way, the app allows more people to recycle their kitchen scraps and as a nice side effect, it connects people in the neighbourhood. Great idea, right? A couple from Sydney came up with it and has the goal of keeping our planet a nice place to live on. 

It works as follows: Simply create an account, choose if you are a donor or a host, set your location and look directly for composting opportunities in your area. Unfortunately, there only seem to be listed composts in bigger cities. For example, there are none in Gießen but three in Frankfurt, Germany. Once you find a compost in your area, you can see what the person owning the compost accepts. You can then connect with the person.  When trying out the app, we liked the easy set-up of the app and especially the impact feature where you can see how much kitchen scraps you have donated. Check out our blog article about composting if you want to learn more ab

Screenshot of the app Share Waste

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, we can summarize that there are many apps out there that can support us in avoiding food waste. The main hurdle we see at the moment for most sharing apps is that more people need to use them in order for them to make sense. But the ideas are great and we are excited to see what the future holds for the apps presented and for many more to come.

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