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Best Of Food Waste Blogs

Are you looking for more inspiration about the topic of food waste? In this article, we introduce you to five of our favorite blogs that are dealing with this issue. And all of them have one thing in common: They want to reduce the food wasted in this world. At least as much as we do. Take a look and get inspired! 

The young woman behind this blog got inspired when she interviewed people on their food waste practices for her master’s dissertation. Motivated by all the personal stories, she created her own blog. It has four different parts: tips and tricks, long reads, society and culture, and stories on food waste. We especially like the section about the personal stories since we find them so inspiring. People have different ways to deal with issues like that and we think that it is so interesting to read about the different solutions and opinions. Her blog is a clear recommendation if you have a few extra minutes and are looking to get inspired.  

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Food Waste Stories
Photography by Chris King about food waste warriors
Food is Wasted

Somehow similar to the blog above is this idea. “Food is Wasted” is a blog by Chris King on which food waste is globally being documented. People’s activities and their stories concerning food waste are being documented to inspire others to take action. The project started off as photographic in nature but it developed into something even greater. On the blog you will find the stories in the form of journals, videos as well as podcast episodes. So whatever mood you are in today, this blog will be the right place for you if you want to read, watch or listen to some inspiring stories from across the world. 

The two sisters Mei and Irene co-founded a food truck, a catering company as well as a restaurant together with their older brother. For their businesses, they are cutting down waste as much as possible. They are sharing the learnings they make on the way on their blog together with useful tips. Their goal is to empower others to make more creative decisions. They want to make their readers more adaptable in the kitchen. On their blog, you will mainly find recipes to reduce food waste, topics for discussions as well as useful tips on for example meal prepping. 

Image showing the dish Fridge-Cleanout Okonomiyaki
Food Waste Feast
Image showing a tree and the circle of waste
Waste's End

Kristina is 21 years old and fills her blog with content about zero waste, food waste and consumption. By doing so, she wants to share her knowledge and experiences with her readers. She wants to get them thinking and acting. Kristina encourages everyone to read articles, to try out new things and to share the experiences made. Furthermore, she is part of the Zero Waste Austria community. On her whole blog, you can see with how much passion she is standing up about the issues she is writing about. 

Last but definitely not least we want to introduce you to a German blog. Sorry for all our non-German-speaking readers. But this is one we do not want to withhold from you. Janka started her food blog in 2018 and shares recipes with her readers as well as articles about the food topics sustainability and food waste. She is so talented that she even got to participate in some cooking shows. Since our favorite topic of course is food waste, we like her recipes to recycle leftovers the most. Reading her blog is so fun and immediately makes you want to try out the yummy looking recipes. So take a look if you are looking for recipe inspiration.

Janka is standing in the kitchen, holding a green smoothie in her right hand

Did you get hungry after you just read so much about food and recipes? You can also check out our recipe category for some ideas. 

We hope that we were able to motivate you to look at other blogs for more information and inspiration about food waste. We believe that we can spread awareness and reduce food waste if we all come together and pull in the same direction. But of course we will be more than happy to see you on our blog again as well. 😉 

Do you have recommendations for other food waste blogs? Share them with us in the comments and let’s inspire each other!  

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