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Global Problem Needs Global Awareness

Global Problem Needs Global Awareness

Ever heard of “food waste”? Hm, yes, maybe, well I am not sure…?

Food waste is used when it comes to fight against wasted food consumption or wasted food production. Indeed, approximately 33% of your annual food consumption lands in the garbage. Isn´t that sad? 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) states that the amount of food wasted by Europeans , could also be used to feed 200 million citizens 

Global Problem: Food Waste By Regions

Comparing wasted food consumption globally is very challenging. Therefore, the FAO decided to split the global food waste into 7 main regions:

Per capita food losses and waste
Source: FAO, 2011, Global food losses and food waste, 2011, p.5,

Interestingly, there are different cultural consumption habits across the world. For instance, there is a huge food waste gap between Europe and North America compared to sub-Saharan Africa and South/Southeast Asia: 

In fact, the food waste per capita by consumer is 95-115 kg/year in Europe and North America. Whereas citizens from sub-Saharan African countries and South/Southeast Asian countries only indicate a food waste capita of 6-11 kg/year (FAO, Global food losses and food waste, 2011, p.5). This is 9 to 10 times less food waste than Americans and Europeans!

Picturing Food Waste Numbers

The UN Environment states that China’s annual waste of grain is estimated to be 50 mio. tonnes. Meanwhile, the UK is predicted to have almost 7 mio. tonnes food waste per year – representing a third of the 21 mio. tonnes purchased by all British consumers!

Yes, those are very high shocking numbers, but are you able to picture them?

Well, imagine having 700 times the Eiffel tower in front of you (its weight is 10.100 tons) and you´ll receive the estimated amount of food wasted yearly in the UK: 7 mio. tonnes. 

Hell, isn´t that insane? And does this example give you a better idea of how much food we, human beings, waste? 

Let us know, we are curious about your comments.

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