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How To Use Your “Magic Bag”

The app “Too Good To Go” connects you with food providers, such as supermarkets and restaurants, that offer leftover food in a “Magic Bag” at closing time to save it from the bin. If you now have a big question mark on your face and have never heard of it, you should read our previous article right away.

This blog post is about my personal experience with the app “Too Good To Go” and how I utilized the products of my “Magic Bag”.

Have I ever used “Too Good To Go”? I’ll put it this way, “not just once.” I actually warmed up to the app after the first use. The interface is really easy and intuitive to use. Once the GPS display bugged out quite a bit, but since it never happened again after that, I don’t want to complain about it.

I was also always really happy with the “Magic Bags” that I was able to get a hold of. I usually opt for the fruit & veggie version from the supermarkets. Depending on what’s in it, I then spontaneously see what I can make out of it with my semi-cooking skills – like last Monday.

What I Got In My "Magic Bag"

  • 1 salad mix vegetariano with tomato & mozzarella
  • 1 aioli jalapeño
  • 500g blueberries
  • 5 peppers
  • 1 lime
  • 5 apples
  • 2 eggplants
  • 13 mandarins

So all in all a pretty diverse “Magic Bag” for 3.50€! About the salad and the aioli I have honestly wondered. Normally something like that belongs in the snack category, but of course I would never complain about that – the more the better!

The salad had unfortunately already exceeded its best-before date by two days, which should not happen according to “Too Good To Go”, but it did not bother me. It was still fresh and should not be thrown away! But I directly had to dress it with some olive oil and aceto balsamico and eat it. I spread the aioli on a piece of pita bread – I need my carbs! The rest I utilized within the following week, depending on my appetite and the freshness of the products.

Chili Sin Carne, But Con Peppers & Lime

Here you can see a chili sin carne.

The peppers really played into my hands because I’ve been craving a chili for a few days now. So I sauteed the garlic and the onion with a spice mix of coriander seed, cumin, pepper, smoked paprika, chili flakes, vegetable broth and cinnamon. Then I added the chunky tomatoes, filled one of the cans with water and dumped it into the pot as well. After simmering for a while, the secret ingredient comes into play – a bit of dark chocolate. This makes the broth a little creamier. And a squeeze of lime juice adds freshness. Afterwards, I added the beans (black, kidney, tiger) and finally stirred in the finely diced peppers with the corn and a bunch of fresh coriander – for good measure to keep the ingredients crisp.
I topped my portion with sour cream and fresh scallions, that’s how it tastes best to me.

Yes, and then I finally had my chili – lots of chili! If you don’t have such a hoggish family like me (greetings go out), you can freeze the rest super well.

· 5 cloves of garlic · 1 onion · 1 lime ·
· 0.5 tsp cinnamon · piece of dark chocolate ·
· 2 tsp coriander seed · 3 tsp cumin · 1 tsp pepper · 1 tsp chili flakes · 1 tsp smoked paprika · 1 tsp vegetable broth ·
· 5 peppers · 1 can of corn · 3 cans of beans · 2 cans of chunky tomatoes · fresh coriander ·

Eggplants As Essential Of Spaghetti Alla Norma

First of all I was very excited about these exotic eggplants, because I have never used the lengthy ones before – thanks to the “Magic Bag”. And then I was thrilled to finally try a pasta classic that I’ve had on my radar for a while – Spaghetti alla Norma.

To make this, fry the eggplant with sea salt, pepper, oregano, chili flakes, a handful of fresh basil, a few baby capers and the garlic and deglaze with red wine. Adding a the plum tomatoes, a ladle of spaghetti water, half of the pecorino cheese and a drizzle of olive oil creates a very yummy sauce that tastes simply irresistible with the spaghetti.

You can read the exact recipe here from a more professional cook that you may also recognize.

Here you can see spaghetti alla norma, that the food patrons cooked out of eggplants from their "magic bag" to avoid food waste.

· 1 can of plum tomatoes · 50g pecorino cheese · 320g spaghetti · 2 eggplants ·
· 1 tsp oregano · 1 tsp chili flakes · 1 tsp baby carpers · fresh basil · 3 cloves of garlic ·
· sea salt · pepper · olive oil · 1 splash of red wine ·

Off Into The Jar With The Mandarins

Here you can see jam.

Now it’s time for the supreme discipline in terms of storage life! Tbh I’m not a big fan of mandarins and especially not at this time of year (in Germany we have spring right now). But how do I keep the mandarins fresh until Christmas time? Preserved! So I grabbed the good old jars and filled a 30min boiled liquid from the pureed mandarins (with the white skin), a stick of cinnamon, the juice of one lemon and the gelling sugar (1:1). After 24h the jam can already be eaten, but in my case the jars will probably rather stay closed until the first snow.

And to really not waste anything from the mandarins, I used an old housewife trick: The peels can simply be infused with vinegar and after about 3 weeks you have the perfect all-purpose cleaner, which helps especially with chalk.

Ingredients – Jam
· 700g mandarins · 1 lemon · 1 stick of cinnamon · 400g gelling sugar (1:1) ·

Ingredients – All-Purpose Cleaner
· 1 bottle of vinegar · citrus peel ·

Apples Need To Be Crumbled

Again, I was lucky: Over the weekend, I was invited to a cozy coffee date, where I wanted to shine with a cake.

So I turned on the oven to 180°C and started to chop the apples. Together with 1 tsp cinnamon and some lemon juice it makes a great filling. 150g butter, 150g sugar, 1 packet vanilla sugar as well as 1 packet baking soda, 3 eggs and 210g flour become a delicious dough on which the apples can be spread. From another 90g flour, 0.5 tsp cinnamon, the grated lemon, a pinch of salt and 70g liquid butter, friable crumbles can be kneaded, which are then spread on the apples.
And after 40min baking the cake is ready!

Here you can see apple crumble that was made by the food patrons out of apples from a "magic bag" to avoid food waste.

· 5 apples · 220g butter · 150g sugar · 300g flour · 3 eggs · pinch of salt ·
· 1.5 tsp cinnamon · 1 lemon · 1 packet vanilla sugar · 1 packet baking soda ·

Easy Blueberry Sorbet

Here you can see blueberry sorbet that was made by the food patrons out of blueberries from a "magic bag" to avoid food waste.

The best comes at the end. My absolute highlight in the “Magic Bag” was the 500g of blueberries, which were still super fresh.

I suspect I only got them because the package was slightly damaged, but hey, good for me! Since blueberries always mold super fast, it’s best to eat them right away. But because I wanted to have some for a little longer, I decided to make them into a sorbet. In frozen form, they are practically forever durable.

I just had to puree them with the juice of a lemon and the icing sugar and filter them once. Then it went off into the freezer. Topped with mint, this will probably be my summer classic 2021.

· 500g blueberries · 1 lemon · 100g icing sugar ·

How You Can Recreate Everything

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Now It's Your Turn

Feel free to comment your experiences with your “Magic Bag” or other food rescue bags. How was the offer and what did you do with it? We are happy about every tip!

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