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International Stop Food Waste Day

Celebrating the International “Stop Food Waste Day”

Hey all, have a good start in the day! Today´s April 28! It´s a special day, because you know what?

You´re right, today is the international “STOP FOOD WASTE DAY”! 

Since 2017, organizations, individuals, students like us, celebrate this event worldwide to raise the awareness of food waste. As unfortunately a third of our whole food consumption ends up to be thrown away, this celebration day is essential for showing off that food waste as a global issue that needs to be faced now, by everyone and not tomorrow. 

The more people take part at this celebration, the more effective will it be to catch people´s attention towards food waste.

Whether you celebrate this by educating yourself about food waste, by talking with your family and friends about your personal food waste experiences or by simply trying out new recipes that can help to better consume leftovers, the international “Stop Food Waste Day” appeals to everyone to contribute to it! 

Celebrating the international “STOP FOOD WASTE DAY” is an initiative taken by the global foodservice company Compass Group that operates in more than 40 countries worldwide. Not only did they launch this international celebration day, but they also created their own website offering news, recipes and digital events to learn more about food waste.

Check out the official website of the International Stop Food Waste Day:


Food waste is a global issue that needs more attention by our society, it has to be more recognized, seen and heard. And here comes the best part: you can easily contribute to increase people´s attention to this topic! 😊

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate with us the international “Stop Food Waste Day” and tell us what you´re planning to do today! We´re curious to read about your comments and ideas 😉

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