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Time For A Quiz: Which Food Waste Type Are You?

Hi fellow Food Patron, welcome to our quiz!

Find out which food waste type you are and learn how you can improve your Food Patron game.

Scroll down to read about how we established this quiz and what we found out in our research. Click on “Next” to start the quiz. Let’s talk food waste!


Do you also find it difficult to assess your behavior and knowledge regarding food waste? At least we made the experience that we often think our food waste behavior is better than it actually is. And that’s why we came up with a quiz for you!

What Does The Research Say?

A study has shown that people with some characteristic waste more food than others. That it often depends on the living situation and age. For example, single person households, families with children and young people under the age of 25 apparently waste particularly much. But does that apply to you?

We created 10 questions for you to determine which food waste type you are. The questions are based on research (see below for the sources) and on our own experiences with the topic.

Let's Talk Food Waste!

Enough theory, let’s go into the active part. Take the quiz and find out if you are an Active Food Waste Fighter, a Food Waste Butterfly or a Climbing Food Patron. At the end of the quiz, you will receive more information about your individual food waste type and how you can improve your Food Patron game. So let’s start!

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Sources: Netherlands Nutrition Centre, Aarhus University, Welthungerhilfe, FAO

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