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Here you will find the heart of The Food Patrons’ Blog – the actual articles. 

Each of our six members writes about the topics that are closest to their hearts. In this way, each of us uses her/his individual strengths and can pursue her/his interests. Because only if we enjoy writing, you will enjoy reading.

So that you don’t lose the overview and your search is made easier, we have assigned the articles to the appropriate categories: Information, Reviews, Recipes and DIY

The category “Information” in particular helps you to better understand the origins and consequences of food waste, while the other categories deal with the fun of avoiding food waste in various different approaches. The foundation of these categories is above all our own experience, because authenticity is key. Only practical ideas help us to avoid food waste in a fun and sustainable way. 

Orianne Eloise

For almost 4 months we have been The Food Patrons and even if the time has flown by, we have learned an …


Buy more consciously, throw away less – minimalism in cooking helps to avoid food waste. Learn how to implement minimalism in the …

Orianne Eloise

What To Do With Old Leftover Bread? I remember my grandmother who used to make a lot of French Toast when I …

Orianne Eloise

Previously, we offered you an overview of different apps and our favorite blogs fighting against food waste. As a next step, we …


We already announced it in a previous article and now the time has come – let’s start regrowing! To reduce food waste, …


There are many different ways to fight food waste. We have already introduced you to apps like togoodtogo, olio or eatsmarter. In …

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