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Too Good To Be Thrown Away

Too Good To Be Thrown Away

Food can be so tasty and is tremendously important for the survival of humanity, so how come we unconsciously mistreat that much food? But don´t you think, too, that food is far too good to be thrown away ?

One Scenario That Might Seem Familiar To You

How many times do you throw away fruits or vegetables just because of their “disgusting” color? Think of apples, for example: When they start losing their beautiful red or green shining appearance and slowly change to brown. For sure, it indicates that the food´s quality is falling off. Nevertheless, there is no need to throw the complete fruit or vegetable away. It is sufficient to simply cut the spoiled part off, in order to still have a ripened apple piece that remains eatable. 

As simple as it sounds, I doubt that most people do that. Let´s start thinking about our surroundings: How many people do you know who prefer throwing away the whole apple than just cutting off the spoiled part? Probably just a few, right?!

Too Good To Be Thrown Away

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Luckily, wasting food can be avoided to a certain degree by managing well your storage. In fact, did you know that….

fruits and vegetables stay good and fresh longer when being stocked in cold areas except for potatoes, onions and last but not least garlic?

The Role Of Temperature To Avoid Food Waste

  1. Cool-season fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, beets, broccoli, chives, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower should be ideally stored at a place at 0-2°C.
  2. Warm-season fruits and vegetables such as beans, corn, eggplant, melons, peppers and zucchini can be stored at a temperature of 7-10°C.

Take this information as a little hint and try it out yourself at home. You´ll see your fruits and veggies will stay yummy longer 😊


From time to time, we can try had to avoid leftovers. Obviously, it is not always that easy. Therefore, if you still have leftovers despite your huge effort to avoid it, we can give you another hint about COMPOSTING.

Do you know what it is? Check out our latest article about it and you will get informed on how to effectvily deal with leftovers in an easy and uncomplicated way at home.

Start composting to avoid food waste
start composting to avoid food waste

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